More Furniture

Went to Manchester today so only got a few hours in the van 3.15 to 5.45 but I managed to get the other side cupboards made and in only to fine there were 2 plus signs stamped into the finished board TOOK THEM DOWN AND REDUCED THE SIZE BY A COUPLE OF INCHES ON EACH SIDE WHICH GOT RID OF THEM Then put a bit of knock in edging strip to overhead cab cupboard and called it a day

Wetroom Floor and Front Seats

Update – made good progress wet room wise but mate who was coming to weld floor in place had to take his girl to hospital with a broken arm,so he’s doing it tomorrow — we just took flooring up and started to fix boards/cupboards -so now he will have to cut around them I intended to do all the cupboards on top of the floor but plans went adrift after the accident
On the plus side I got a pleasant surprise when Billy brought one of my seats over that Julie had finally finished ie been done for over a week but she did not get around to doing the armrests -She will do the other one sometime next week
A couple of pics of the seat

Around the Windows

DECISION MADE TODAY AND SETTLED ON VELTRIM AROUND THE WINDOWS BUT ALSO BOARDS did the sliding door just to see what it looked like and I thought it looked good so finished up doing the wall boards and will finish them and Veltrim tomorrow weather permitting SEE pics -what do you think ? good mix or should I go for all boarding ?

Visit to Upholsterer

It’s been drizzling all day so only managed to cut and fit one wall board and take a near enough pattern off it for the other side Water and me don’t mix well so went and did a bit of shopping,paid some bills –No pics simply because wet sawdust trails all through the house so ended up vacing all the kitchen hall stairs and landing — did go over to Julies to see if she had completed the armrests for the seat but even shes done nothing but she says she may finish one tomorrow
I did take some pics of the small camper she did over the weekend though

More Insulation, Flooring and Roof

Monday’s update Did about 5 hrs again today- cut and fitted floor then did the same on the new floor with the underfloor insulation Took up the insulation and floor then the wind came let’s just say it got interesting laid the insulation then floor on top All screwed down Then onto the roof ply finished boards all fitted and glued up. Finished insulating the cab front and called it a day -It’s quite a while since I did anything like this so I have now got some aces and pains which I hope a good soak in the bath will cure

Cleaning finished – Insulation Time

Spent another hour or so clearing the garage and moving my patio table to use as a bench only to find once in place with a 8×4 ft sheet on I had no room to work around it so dragged it outside
I then started on the van and got in a good 5 hrs or so Managed to get 95 % of the insulation in and fixed the roof ply ready for the finished ply Not quite as easy as it sounds simply because where the felt had been stuck to the roof the “grab” from the glue would not grab so a little juggling took place -no problem on the non felt bits, worked as it should Any way self tapped the ply to the roof ready for sticking the finish boards at a later date –Its easier to self tap a ply board to the ribs ready to glue finish boards to it or you get bellys between the ribs
pics below

Started The Clean

I managed to sweep the van out one large wheelie bin full of crap and bits of particle board, also took out the small bulkhead all of 6 screws 20 mins later it was raining so I spent almost 4 hrs tidying the garage I can now make a bench from all the 3 x 2 and mdf out of the van that will make life easier for when I start Paul called for a coffee and pulled some wiring out from the crew cab bit o now I can start boarding roof and floor plus insulation before things start next weekend
edit forgot to say Julie has covered one of the seats in a rather spectacular aqua green leather –she just has to cover the armrests then a picture will follow

New Transit Build – March 2014

It’s finally arrived today at around 4 pm
On the out side she in very good condition inside I’ll leave you to judge but let’s say she needs some work Just spent the last hour and a half taking all the crap out of the van and filling the wheel y bin -Tomorrow a good sweep out before the fun starts
A few pics -the carpeted board was fixed to the roof on the 2 x 1 lowering the height and the 3 x 2 fixed to the floor with a mixture of silicon and something like sikaflex -the silicon was a right pain to scrape off the metal floor the sikaflex stuck really well but simply cut through with a Sharpe paper scraper With out doubt the Sikaflex held the timber better