So Close

Monday-Tuesday morning update with pics simply because I have something to take a pic of -Monday i made and fitted yet another door to make a little cupboard to stash small things under the fridge -it was simply going to be blanked off as I made the fridge sit on top of the wheel arch so no bending/crawling on the floor to get to bottom of fridge
I carpeted/Veltrimed the top/over-cab cupboard and the bottom of the wardrobe -then a mate called and we discussed the front seats/boxes -I cut a couple of fixing lugs off and marked where they wanted welding which he did for me after taking the base upto his garage came back and fitted passenger seat in place just temp bolting it in with some old bolts that I had knocking around – then I called in another mate Colin who gave the drivers side a good looking/measuring and he took the drivers seat home with him to see what could be done Got a call at 8.30 pm last night to collect the seat with a new mounting base on it
This morning (Tuesday)I marked and drilled four holes to bolt the seat to the tranny’s seat box and duly fastened both seats in place properly -Colin did a fantastic job of getting the seat as low as possible in fact to within 2 mm of the battery’s -I stuck a bit of plastic over the positive terminal for protection it’s that close

first pics shows Col’s new base -second as base was and still on passenger seat- third is the new base in position on top of battery’s forth all the tranny wiring (in back of seat base)that we have not got much of a clue about

Need More Wires

Sunday update -thanks to Big One now the anti frost dump valve is plumbed back in and working as it should after me running yet another wire back to LB WE THOUGHT WE HAD THEM ALL IN PLACE BUT THERE ALWAYS SEEMS TO BE ANOTHER WIRE TO ADD We have decided on the next van we are putting in at least 3 extra spare live wires down each side just in case Paul put in the coax for the tv and wired the 240 plug side of things up ready -then decided we need yet another live to where the Ariel socket will be No probs on that it just goes into the trunking I now have bathroom lights and for good measure a roof vent in there plus a small one in the living area -One night this week we are firing up everything on gas everything is working on leccy side so now I have to get a spare gas bottle lined up to test the gas side of things – Paul says I cannot try it without him -I may wait–I got my passenger front seat brought over today so now tomorrow we look at how to fix them in We also went and got Pauls new alloys and tyres 17 ins from Halfords £350 plus £25 for fitting kit ordered on line saving £50 so now his VW caddy is looking smart with nice shinny alloys on -don’t think they would be up to load bearing for the tranny or I would get some for it
I just have to find a Y jointing bit for the waste pipe a TV Ariel connection box, box in some wires and carpet the overhead cab bit now and put in a couple of shelves plus a coat hanging rail for the wardrobe and trims— send it up the road for a valet — job done Then comes the hard bit -finding a buyer who is prepared to pay

Boiler In

Saturday update -Got the fresh water tank fitted and got water to where it’s supposed to be but hit a slight problem in that the anti frost dump valve would not stay closed so it kept pumping the water out – temp fix by bypassing the dump valve until I find out where two wires from the dump valve go to or leave the dump valve off or find a wiring diagram for the Truma 6002E Combi Boiler (big one? ) Fitted all the heating pipes etc -that just leaves the bathroom lights tv point Ariel and two roof vents to fit tomorrow-and if I get info anti frost dump valve Then it’s the small bits of trims and figure out how to fit the new front seats on Monday when hopefully I get a mate with a welder around they will need a bit of modifying No sign of the foam for the rear seat/bed yet –some pics

A Wet Day

Friday’s update –what a miserable wet day –I got the last 2 doors done /hung handles/catches all finished then I made another opening in the bed slats to gain access from which to site the fresh water tank I also fitted a panel inside the front overhead cupboard blocking the Sargent unit/all wires out of harms way to what the tv bracket will screw to –after that I was soaked to the skin simply by going from house to garage and into the van a couple of times so called it a day and went food shopping -I have to eat ooh and a haircut followed by a long soak in the bath

Getting There Now

Thursday update – I managed a hour in the van yesterday (Wednesday) and got all the curvy handles on Today Paul helped out and we did a 7 hrs on the van Paul was not amused by the wiring left to do because it was all more or less complete with a couple of connections to make (1 poss 2 hrs at most) This went tits up with the relay from engine to fridge -we had a right job trying to feed the wire from engine bay all inside and up to the control panel sounds very easy but it was right bar-steward to do it right Then we decided -well Paul decided he was putting in a tv and the reversing camera/sat nav -this entailed running extra wires under the van to the rear plus the video cable for the camera -all in all about another 5 hrs worth of wiring all had to be hidden All that’s left wiring wise is still the 2 loo lights and running the Ariel cable from the front cupboard to the wardrobe -at least that runs through the trunking –anyone got a link for a decent TV Ariel with quick delivery ?(status directional type-ish )I managed to to cut and fit a stainless steel look a like board to the kitchen area along with the cut outs for the heater controls — make and fit a loo emptying door plus the two doors that were not yet made under cooker -will fit them in the morning – also made and fitted a piece of board for the new TV bracket to fit to all in between the wiring bits (while Paul was making the connections/testing ) Deffo on scheduled to be 99 % finished for Monday -fingers crossed

Favours 1 Van 0

Tueday’s update –nothing it was raining until about 1.30 pm and at 2pm I decided I would go in and put some handles on doors but as soon as I opened the van door I got a phone call -could I just do a favor ? so shut the door and duly did the running around – anyway cooking my dinner now so nothing done in the van and it’s too late to start now

A Good Sunday

We had a good day yesterday(sunday) where I fitted the waste tank under the van (no mean feat for a fatty like me ) while Paul got all the electrics done leaving just 2 loo lights and the leccy flush to wire up -everything tried and tested -all working – all gas done just leaving onboard fresh water tank to fit under the bed.I also remade the sink.cooker front yet again so we can now put a false floor in to cover pump/etc and use the cupboard under neath for storage started to hang cupboard doors and catches/stays taking me aprox 20 mins each -I can fit/hang house doors faster and I am still using a hand screwdriver
Loo all screwed in place and hand wash basin all plumbed in leaving the waste from shower floor and basin to connect — This afternoon I am going to hang the remaining doors and maybe make the last couple that are yet to do -if I get motivated- Next week sometime Pauls going to wire a leecy point for a tv and a decision will be made on if we put said tv in van or not ? thinking along the lines of putting one in as a selling point but that means sticking a extra hundred quid on for a Ariel Oh forgot we have (Paul) has to wire in a relay for the fridge It works etc just needs the relay -he just stuck the wires together to make sure he had it all wired correctly since the only wiring diagram we have had is for the loo
The Sargent distribution more or less explains itself combi boiler all guess work and the fridge again from the Sargent unit guesswork but it works so all OK
Hopefully it will be complete by next Monday but will have to wait and see

Housework 1 Van 0

THE LAWN AND HOUSEWORK WON THE DAY –I tried to get back into the van but people just kept arriving and when I HUNG A SMALL CUPBOARD DOOR I FOUND MY BATTERY DRILL TOO BIG TO GET INTO THE OPENING TO SCREW THE CATCH ON SO HAD TO DO IT WITH A HAND SCREWDRIVER —NO GOOD I MUST INVEST IN A NEW KEYBOARD(bloody caps sticking) And borrow my mates small battery drill

Loo Fitted, Bed Started

THURSDAY UPDATE -I got in the van today -It was looking like rain so I decided to fit the loo-ended up cutting out the hole for it and trimming it so it fits but did not fasten it in yet next job seeing as I was in there I cut and fitted the plastic shelves type bits and while in there did all the edge sealing so now all that’s needed is to screw the loo in position once someone turns up to hold in place while I SCREW IT DOWN
After that it had brightened back up so I decided to start making the bed This went better than I expected before the wind started to blow again – thenI got a call to go pick up a large heki roof at half price WHILE THERE I GOT A COUPLE OF WATER TANKS 6 PAIR OF LARGE EXTRA HEAVY TRIPLE DRAWER/bED RUNNERS AND TWO BOXES(50) OF HANDLES (bloody caps)to add to the 40 I bought a few weeks back will finish the bed today then Julie can order the foam ready for the cushions

Batteries Charged

Spent the afternoon re making the worktops and did a quick clean out of the van Charged both LB AND VAN BATTERY as both were showing low on the Sargent unit but used one of my independent chargers because all the 240v side of things have not had there final connection — Went out and bought a load of both 15mm and 10 mm connecters ready for the water side of things only for me to realize that most fittings are 12mm after I got home – have got plenty of spares now for home jobs (about £60 worth to be precise) Will have to track down some 12mm stuff now -going back to Magnums and Oleary’s on Wednesday- could manage at either one but Magnums have light oak 12 mm t knock in edging and O’learys owe me £160 for stuff that I paid for and did not load onto truck -I thought they had put it on and they thought I had put it on