Van Finished

Update Paul left the caddy with me for some window tints and graphics today but when I got there he had already booked in a full days work doing tints so asked me to come back Monday as he thought I only wanted the Graphics (would fit them between jobs) so I agreed on Monday for it all.(y) anyway I got the handles on (y) so it.s now complete (y)Got to leave curtains etc off because they will be in the way of the tinting ;)
pics of the finished van

Windows In

UPDATE–Done almost 7 hrs on the caddy today (y) Ended up having to take out the cooker/sink unit to fit the side window into the door -we looked at taking the door off but decided to leave well alone and remove the unit :)All 3 windows fitted,and sink/cooker unit back into the van plus now water and waste are connected along with all electrics to power water pump and small fridge, Sargent unit,leisure battery and relay to charge LB Just leaves the TV to be wired in -Paul made sure the TV fitted then took it out again while he was away.Well on target for it to be finished tomorrow with Julie going to make some curtains some time next week (y) Probably an hour or so to fit the curtains but that should not stop it being up for sale come Monday (y)

Lots Done

Paul turned up to nite and we did a full 4 hrs on the Caddy –I took my own pics (y) and we put back some of the stuff we had taken out :DPaul got most of the wiring in place and we did the cooker/fridge/w top started to get about 2/3 rds of the veltrim done fitted the newly sized RR bed and refitted the cupboard/wardrobe bits All in all about a full day left on it so that means once we have all the bits in place so far we have done 2 full days a 2 hrs and a 4 hrs today Either a couple or 3 nights next week or a day next week end and it will be done (y) then comes the hard bit SELLING IT :DHers a few pics