Terrys Relay – Update 3

Today’s update all insulation done (y)-Now got to wait for a decision on Saturday morning on the layout :(Pauls already started to moan about wires and where/how he get’s them to where he wants them :) so he’s asked me to stop working until we make the decision on Saturday —
Not as easy as you may think because we not only have to decide on the layout but where things like heating,boiler and water has to go -so it looks like things are on hold until I make my mind up and we both decide where things need to live once the layout is decided on -SHOULD BE FUN LISTENING to the arguments Sat morning :D;)

Today I made a start on the relay

Today I made a start on the relay (y)The day started with me emptying it /insulation boards fridge/freezer and a few batteries -Then removed the bulkhead and one side lot of panels (y) This then left me clear to start insulating the van.Firstly I did it in a bubble insulation followed by Kingspan and lots of gun applied foam -There are a lot of big voids on the relay which were stuffed with bits of KS and then injected with the foam –