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Pauls Relay – Update 6 – Finished

It’s been almost 4 weeks since last update so here goes
We got the van back from been painted almost 3 weeks ago so set about getting it almost ready for Paul to use last week for his hols :D-It was perfectly usable with a few catches missing and bits of trim but none of the upholstery done -simply slept on sheets and foam (y)Because of the crap weather P & A CUT SHORT THERE HOLS AND CAME HOME EITHER LATE WEDS OR THURSDAY giving us chance to get things almost complete -Just needs a waste tank, graphics and upholstery (y)
PICS BELOW SHOW THE VAN IN A NICE SILVER ;):LOL:some things have changed a bit :D

Pauls Relay – Update 5

Today’s update –it has all been rubbed down and ready for filling and a final rub down before painting (y)-We are prepping it and then painting it in Andy’s factory -Andy says he will paint it (y)or I can do it in the factory (y)but it looks like my mate Andy will be doing it ;)(y)hopefully over the next weekend :)Meanwhile myself and Paul fitted worktop sink, cooker and fridge/freezer and made a cupboard in the loo for the sink –Colin has made the frames for the Beds and are done ready to be fixed in place (y):D

Pauls Relay – Update 4

Well here’s the update –It’s been for the 600 quid respray :DPaul got it back on Thursday T time and what a lovely mess it is -After having the van for 13 days it has been returned and it’s been painted with a roller and brush:eek::eek::eek::eek: When Paul looked at it and told him refusing to pay the rest of the cash IE we gave him £200 up front -now he has threatened to take Paul TO THE SMALL CLAIMS COURT TO GET THE REST OF THE MONEY :D:D:D:LOL:Paul has spent all day rubbing it down ready for the next paint -No idea if these pics will show the orange peel but you will get the drift ;)Bodge is not the word for it :LOL:It looked better as a Rotting banana :DForgot to say he’s filled some dents but not rubbed them down simply brush painted them over

Pauls Relay – Update 3

Sunday’s update we managed to get 3 .1/2 hrs on the van -started (about 12.30 pm,) to make cupboard fronts and bathroom walls but then the heavens opened up and soaked us both while we were running around trying to get tools away/out of rain at which point we called it a day–Cooker and fridge are simply sat there for measurements -not where they are going to live;):D

Got a few more wires in place plus reversing camera video lead then did a few bits to cupboards / furniture /gas pipes in and a home for some batteries plus made the worktop ready to go into van.Cut and fitted for leccy/240v cable connection –
The guy is picking it up Monday morning for paint :) should be interesting by Friday -Alas I won’t see it while Monday (at Hartlepool )

Pauls Relay – Update 2

Boxer update -well my good intentions went astray and all I managed to do was get some tools into the van and cut 3 bits of insulation for the roof -all of 3/4 of an hour in total IE 1/2 hour tools and 15 mins cutting/sticking insulation to roof :DI had some tubes of instant stick grab and hold adhesive which I now know is neither use or ornament and does not do what it says it does :):eek::oops:Long story short I stuck it up and had to prop it in place only for it to fall off next day which was last Friday:(Crap is not the word I choose but it will do for on here —
Last Friday Paul got off his work so we promptly stuck the offending insulation up with spray on contact adhesive along with 2 more bits and screwed a ceiling board up ready for finished board when the heavens opened up so we decided a trip up to Durham was in order to pick up Paul’s choice of furniture boards and a few other goodies (light oak was chosen)
We worked on the van last Saturday and Sunday while I travelled back and forth to Misterton meet come t time, and got home 10 .30 ish next morning to work on the van
Worked on the van again today and so far it’s gone really well (y)In the 3 days we have been doing it we have managed to fit in all the insulation into main part of van along with boarding it all out -fitted fresh water tank and outside filler in -most of the heating system and pipework along with 3 windows -finish ceiling boards and wall boards–I went and got a lot of gear mid week so it was ready to fit (y):)Pics below of what’s been done so far.Forgot to add Paul got a lot of the wiring in place -said now he had practised on my van he could do his right :rolleyes::D

Pauls Relay – Update 1

Hi all I am starting on Paul’s Boxer van today because I cannot do anything on my own van so rather than sit on computer all day thought I would make a start while the sun is shining :DHere are the pics of the rotting banana as it has been nick named :LOL:Don’t ask me why he bought it he just did :rolleyes: said he liked it :doh::whistle2:He now wants my favoured layout that he persuaded me not to have on my van :(