Pauls Relay – Update 2

Boxer update -well my good intentions went astray and all I managed to do was get some tools into the van and cut 3 bits of insulation for the roof -all of 3/4 of an hour in total IE 1/2 hour tools and 15 mins cutting/sticking insulation to roof :DI had some tubes of instant stick grab and hold adhesive which I now know is neither use or ornament and does not do what it says it does :):eek::oops:Long story short I stuck it up and had to prop it in place only for it to fall off next day which was last Friday:(Crap is not the word I choose but it will do for on here —
Last Friday Paul got off his work so we promptly stuck the offending insulation up with spray on contact adhesive along with 2 more bits and screwed a ceiling board up ready for finished board when the heavens opened up so we decided a trip up to Durham was in order to pick up Paul’s choice of furniture boards and a few other goodies (light oak was chosen)
We worked on the van last Saturday and Sunday while I travelled back and forth to Misterton meet come t time, and got home 10 .30 ish next morning to work on the van
Worked on the van again today and so far it’s gone really well (y)In the 3 days we have been doing it we have managed to fit in all the insulation into main part of van along with boarding it all out -fitted fresh water tank and outside filler in -most of the heating system and pipework along with 3 windows -finish ceiling boards and wall boards–I went and got a lot of gear mid week so it was ready to fit (y):)Pics below of what’s been done so far.Forgot to add Paul got a lot of the wiring in place -said now he had practised on my van he could do his right :rolleyes::D

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