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  1. Hi Paul… we’re trying to find out how to fit ceiling boards to our 1995 motorhome. We have puddles of water between roof and ceiling so we took down the ceiling boards and tried out the wood and now looking for ideas on how to replace the ceiling boards. You wrote in another post a long time ago: Hi new ceiling boards are under 20 quid each and jointing strips a couple of quid each :thumb: factor in 4 / 5 quid for a tube of glue per sheet -say max 27 quid for every 4 ft-You can easy fit it tight in between the cupboards and seal the edges with a little chaulk or silicon :thumb:If you cut it slightly too small you could go around the edges with a bit of plastic quad ::bigsmile: depends on your skill level :thumb:
    I have also seen them repaired with mottled foot wide plastic sheets that are usually used in bathrooms- this has the advantage of only fitting a foot at a time so easier to do and cut more accurate if lacking a bit on the skill level front.Cost per sheet is about £ 8 per ft.I have seen one done in the white with grey mottling which brightened up the old kon-tki no end.:thumb:
    Can you tell us where we can get the foot wide plastic sheets from that you mention above? Thanks in advance, Sue & Neal

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