Pauls Relay – Update 3

Sunday’s update we managed to get 3 .1/2 hrs on the van -started (about 12.30 pm,) to make cupboard fronts and bathroom walls but then the heavens opened up and soaked us both while we were running around trying to get tools away/out of rain at which point we called it a day–Cooker and fridge are simply sat there for measurements -not where they are going to live;):D

Got a few more wires in place plus reversing camera video lead then did a few bits to cupboards / furniture /gas pipes in and a home for some batteries plus made the worktop ready to go into van.Cut and fitted for leccy/240v cable connection –
The guy is picking it up Monday morning for paint :) should be interesting by Friday -Alas I won’t see it while Monday (at Hartlepool )

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