Pauls Relay – Update 4

Well here’s the update –It’s been for the 600 quid respray :DPaul got it back on Thursday T time and what a lovely mess it is -After having the van for 13 days it has been returned and it’s been painted with a roller and brush:eek::eek::eek::eek: When Paul looked at it and told him refusing to pay the rest of the cash IE we gave him £200 up front -now he has threatened to take Paul TO THE SMALL CLAIMS COURT TO GET THE REST OF THE MONEY :D:D:D:LOL:Paul has spent all day rubbing it down ready for the next paint -No idea if these pics will show the orange peel but you will get the drift ;)Bodge is not the word for it :LOL:It looked better as a Rotting banana :DForgot to say he’s filled some dents but not rubbed them down simply brush painted them over

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