So Close

Monday-Tuesday morning update with pics simply because I have something to take a pic of -Monday i made and fitted yet another door to make a little cupboard to stash small things under the fridge -it was simply going to be blanked off as I made the fridge sit on top of the wheel arch so no bending/crawling on the floor to get to bottom of fridge
I carpeted/Veltrimed the top/over-cab cupboard and the bottom of the wardrobe -then a mate called and we discussed the front seats/boxes -I cut a couple of fixing lugs off and marked where they wanted welding which he did for me after taking the base upto his garage came back and fitted passenger seat in place just temp bolting it in with some old bolts that I had knocking around – then I called in another mate Colin who gave the drivers side a good looking/measuring and he took the drivers seat home with him to see what could be done Got a call at 8.30 pm last night to collect the seat with a new mounting base on it
This morning (Tuesday)I marked and drilled four holes to bolt the seat to the tranny’s seat box and duly fastened both seats in place properly -Colin did a fantastic job of getting the seat as low as possible in fact to within 2 mm of the battery’s -I stuck a bit of plastic over the positive terminal for protection it’s that close

first pics shows Col’s new base -second as base was and still on passenger seat- third is the new base in position on top of battery’s forth all the tranny wiring (in back of seat base)that we have not got much of a clue about

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  1. Hi Terry, I have a 1990 Hymer 660 with a Mercedes engine. This is a van for life and after a fishing trip to Tromso which was 6,000 miles I have decided to spend money and restore it. Could you do this kind of thing?


    1. Hi Steve -sorry for the late reply I don’t keep up to date with the web-too busy –yes we can convert anything -the hard bit is making your mind up for what you want in it
      You can call me on 07907132734

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