Terrys Relay – Update 12

Todays up date –Paul’s put me another reversing camera on so now have one to act as rear view mirror (y)and while he was in a good mood wiring wise I also got him to add some more lights :DWhile I made the gas locker door etc and boxed in some wires in the wardrobe and other bits and bobs -also boxed in the pipes in the shower below the sink (have to leave while another day for glue to set then we can seal it against water -The drivers seat is also fitted to match the passenger seat (y)
Copied a Idea of Ralph & Bevs van and fitted a drip strip hopefully to stop water dripping into van when it opens and took advantage of Pauls good mood and got him to stick some led lights under it ;):D-He did not moan once about no wires been there :D:D:D(he is after something)He is making me wary -not like him not to have a moan at me :LOL:

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