Terrys Relay – Update 13

Update -Tuesday I spent about 5 hrs on the van and got all the upper locker handles /catches on,then boxed in the pull across bed frame in (y)I need to point out that I used a hand screwdriver and not a battery drill on the catches/stays etc 8 x 6 in total :LOL::DIt was pointed out to me last night by Paul that I have a small Bosch drill on my kitchen W.Top for just such occasions :(:whistle::rolleyes: Daft thing is I move it almost daily :LOL:
Anyway another first this morning I have wired (yes me;))up a light or should that be 3? No doubt Paul will laugh bit you turn each light on and off and they all work (y):)(nothing to this wiring lark)simply connect wires to wires and it’s done Paul tells me it’s the knowing which wires go together so on that bit of info I will go back to leaving wires to him ;)-After this coffee break I am going to start clearing out the van ready to pack for H/Pool (y)

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