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UPDATE–Done almost 7 hrs on the caddy today (y) Ended up having to take out the cooker/sink unit to fit the side window into the door -we looked at taking the door off but decided to leave well alone and remove the unit :)All 3 windows fitted,and sink/cooker unit back into the van plus now water and waste are connected along with all electrics to power water pump and small fridge, Sargent unit,leisure battery and relay to charge LB Just leaves the TV to be wired in -Paul made sure the TV fitted then took it out again while he was away.Well on target for it to be finished tomorrow with Julie going to make some curtains some time next week (y) Probably an hour or so to fit the curtains but that should not stop it being up for sale come Monday (y)

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  1. Hi Terry.

    Am a member on Fun.

    We have been thinking of buying an Iveco twin rear wheel panel van 6500kg and getting it converted.

    Winterisation would be essential as want to use in cold countries, both water tanks inside, no water pipes under the floor, quality insulation.

    Rear transverse bed with storage underneath, 2 seater sofa at the front and when the passenger seat is swivelled makes a 3 seater.

    Separate shower.

    The van would be 7.3 metres in length.



    1. Hi Paul sorry for late reply -you can Start a conversation with me on Motorhome Fun -I am on Fun most days user name Terry
      Go for it I love Iveco’s and have had/converted 3 for myself -ALTHOUGH on the narrow side they are long and high so insulation is no problem as you can easy put a false floor of 3″or 4″ Kingspan type and board over it running pipes/cables through/across voids cut into it
      Let me know how you get on

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